Abigail-Adams-Park1What is Questing?

This is an educational treasure hunt and an outdoor experience that involves following a map and a series of clues to find a hidden plastic  Quest Box. The box is never buried. Once there, sign into the guest book and leave the impression of your personal stamp if you have one. We encourage you to put an imprint of the Quest box stamp on the back page of your own map booklet.

How long does a Quest hike take?

It varies with the length of the trail and the difficulty of finding the clues. Some Quests take only 20 minutes, while others take 2 hours. Check at the beginning of the Quest book for information about how long a particular Quest will take.

Can I bring my dog?

If it is known that dogs are prohibited, a notation is made at the beginning of the Quest clues.

Is this educational?

Many of the Quests contain fun facts about the area wildlife, plants, conservation issues, geology and history. They may be located in the Quest Boxes or you may have to hunt and find them on your own.

What should I do when I find the treasure box?

Please sign the guest book found inside the box to mark your success. Many people also like to write comments or poems. Several seasoned Questers carry their own personal stamps for the purpose of leaving a mark. Inside the box is a special stamp for you to mark the back page of your clue booklet. When done, close the lid tightly and rehide the box where you found it.

What if I find a problem with the Quest or box?

Please report missing/damaged Clues or boxes so the box monitor can fix the problem. If it isn’t readily apparent how to contact the box monitor, just send an email to admin@southshorequests.org.

Can I use my Quest book for more than one season?

Each year some Quests are ‘retired’ and new Quests are added. Additionally, many of the older Quests are slightly modified each year to account for changing trail conditions. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain your clues from a current Quest book.

How do I find the where the Quest is?

In the Quest Book, most Quests have a map to help you locate where the Quest begins. The map is found on the page preceding the Quest.

2018 trail updates

Quest Books

Where to buy your copy of the 2018 South Shore Quests book. Only $5 for hours of fun.

Holly Hill Farm, 236 Jerusalem Road 781-383-6565

Buttonwood Books and Toys, 747 Chief Justice Cushing Highway 781-383-2665

Hingham Public Library, 66 Leavitt Street 781-741-1405

South Shore Audubon Society, 2000 Main Street 781-837-9400
Ventress Memorial Library, 1837 Ocean St #15 781-834-5535

South Shore Natural Science Center, Jacobs Lane 781-659-2559
Norwell Public Library, 64 South Street 781-659-2015

New England Wildlife Center, 500 Columbian Street 781-682-4878