Make a Stamp

stamp-eraserMake your own stamp and use it as your personal signature in the book inside the treasure box. There are many different kinds to chose from.

Carving is the most common form of stamp making. A soft wood, rubber eraser, or bottle cork are good for carving. After chosing a design to carve, draw it on the surface with a fine pencil or pen. Think carefully about which surfaces should be raised and will receive ink for the stamp.

Sharp carving tools helps to prevent injury. You can purchase tools at local craft shops. Never carve toward yourself.


2018 trail updates

Quest Books

Where to buy your copy of the 2018 South Shore Quests book. Only $5 for hours of fun.

Holly Hill Farm, 236 Jerusalem Road 781-383-6565

Buttonwood Books and Toys, 747 Chief Justice Cushing Highway 781-383-2665

Hingham Public Library, 66 Leavitt Street 781-741-1405

South Shore Audubon Society, 2000 Main Street 781-837-9400
Ventress Memorial Library, 1837 Ocean St #15 781-834-5535

South Shore Natural Science Center, Jacobs Lane 781-659-2559
Norwell Public Library, 64 South Street 781-659-2015

New England Wildlife Center, 500 Columbian Street 781-682-4878